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Funding A Mission One Donor & One Penny at a Time

Zenebe Abebe

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Funding A Mission: One Donor & One Penny at a Time. Communicating Your Mission & Building Transformational Relationships with Donors ---- Bringing together many well-articulated theories and musings about effective fundraising, “Funding A Mission” provides a wonderfully plain-spoken and personal perspective that offers tangible insights for the novice nonprofit fundraiser and reminders for the seasoned professional. — Michelle Armster, Executive Director, MCC Great Lakes, Central State ---- Readers will enjoy this book that includes stories from the author’s personal experiences in fundraising as the executive director of Mennonite Central Committee Great Lakes. As chairman of the board of directors, I observed firsthand how his fundraising strategies encouraged donors to support the mission of the organization. — Milton Borntrager, --Chair, Board of Directors, MCC Great Lakes. ---- Zenebe Abebe gets it. During his fi ve years of serving as the executive director of the MCC Great Lakes Region, he learned that forming meaningful relationships with donors is key to having success as a fundraiser. I applaud his desire to share his insights with other fundraisers through the writing of this book. Zenebe offers wonderful guidance to help you become more effective; and for charities to have a greater impact through fulfilling their mission. — Ronald D. Blaum, Planned Giving Officer Loma Linda University Health, Loma Linda, CA ---- Anyone involved in nonprofi t fundraising organizations should read this book! Zenebe Abebe introduces a comprehensive framework for effective fundraising. Drawing from his rich fundraising experience and his theoretical knowledge, he brilliantly translates theory into effective fundraising action steps. — Tony Brown, Hesston College Development Offi cer ----This book will be a valuable introductory resource for new fundraisers and a launching tool for a successful development program. Zenebe’s personal experience and stories help to illustrate well the foundations upon which a culture of philanthropy can thrive. — Missy Kauffman Schrock Director of Giving, Greencroft Communities Foundation

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