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Bringing It Home

A Beginner's Guide to Thriving as a Homeschooler or Online Student

Elsie Durbin

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More people than ever are taking advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of studying independently as homeschoolers, online college and university students, and adult learners studying from home or work. Too many students realize a little too late that distance education is more challenging than they thought it would be! In this brief guide, distance education champ Elsie Durbin will walk you through the most important (and most overlooked) factors in becoming a successful distance education student as well as the keys to unlocking your greatest potential as a learner. You'll learn the first steps to begin studying on your own and be given lots of helpful tips on how to maintain momentum once you’ve gotten started. Don't let studying outside of a traditional classroom intimidate or overwhelm you! You can thrive as an independent student - let Elsie show you how.

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