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The Arcadia Chronicles Book One

Kenneth Mader, J. K. Ishaya

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Between this world and the next … a new hero is born.

When Elaine Ways suffers a terrible loss, she begins to dream of a world free of grief and guilt. A world where she is a kind of heroine; powerful, enigmatic, dangerous.

Her therapist calls it projection, a way of coping with the pain of such devastating grief, utilizing her competitive martial arts skills for a kind of revenge fantasy. But Elaine believes it is something more. The dreams feel real. More like premonitions … or even memories.

But when ten-year-old Samantha suddenly goes missing under no less than extreme paranormal circumstances, Elaine must find her, and battle not only the dark forces of that other reality, but her own personal demons as well, leading to a shocking truth on her way to redemption.

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destiny, harry potter & lovecraft fans, female heroine, dual realities, North Carolina