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Beautiful Landscape Quilts

Simple Steps to Successful Fabric Collage; 50+ Tips for Professional Results

Joyce R. Becker

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The ultimate toolbox for designing landscape quilts

Anyone can quilt stunning scenery—from brand new art quilters to veteran artists looking to learn new tricks and techniques! Explore methods for transferring photographs to fabric, utilizing panels, free-motion quilting, and binding or framing your wall quilts like a pro. The book includes a gallery of landscape quilts and 50 tips for success from Joyce Becker and other featured designers—from avoiding pitfalls to professional secrets. How-to photos and complete instructions will guide you along the way, along with a half-dozen projects to get you started.

  • Design realistic landscape quilts with Joyce Becker's best-kept secrets

  • Something for every skill level! Explore methods of printing on fabric, painting with wax pastels, free-motion embroidery, and more

  • Finish art quilts three ways—with binding, facing, matting, or framing

  • Includes an inspirational gallery from well-known artists and picturesque projects to get you started

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