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Leather Craft

The Beginner's Guide to Handcrafting Contemporary Bags, Jewelry, Home Decor & More

Amy Glatfelter

ca. 18,99
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A classic craft reinvented for the modern maker!

Love the luxe look of leather but intimidated by what seems like expensive materials, complex designs, and difficult techniques? Think again! Skilled artisan Amy Glatfelter teaches how to make fifteen gorgeous projects in leather using small cuts of material, easy techniques, and inexpensive tools. From buttery-soft clutches and totes to leather-wrapped planters and stylish jewelry, makers will learn to create a variety of updated classics that get better over time. Perfect for absolute beginners, this book starts with an overview of leather and the tools needed, step-by-step instructions, and ten essential leather crafting techniques.

  • The ultimate beginner's guide for an accessible and modern approach to leather craft!

  • Step-by-step lessons for the ten essential leather crafting techniques, including how to cut and stitch leather, punch holes, set snaps and rivets and more

  • Create a variety of home décor, jewelry, and personal accessory projects; each project includes detailed instructions, reference photographs, and a pattern