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My Memories Of Pioneer Life In The Flint Hills

Margaret Massey

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Margaret Massey was born into a poor farming family in 1937 just as our nation was coming out of the Depression. She tells of life without bathrooms, running water, or electricity in rural areas. She relates her fears as a child during the World War II era, of school years, her marriage, the births of five children, and the death of the oldest son in 1972, and the boys' ranch they started in their home in his memory. In 1980, she and her husband visited Israel and there met a writer from Hollywood named Stephanie Liss. They shared their story with her and in 1981, she was contracted with CBS to write a script about their lives. After it was written, CBS refused to air it because it was too Christian and family oriented for their program schedule. With encouragement from family and friends, Margaret and Bob coauthored their own story titled The Flinthills Family: Our Journey to the Cross, and now she has written her own memories in this book.