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The Crown Lord

William Sirls

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When 17-year-old Willie's civil rights attorney father is killed while defending a tough case in Detroit, his life in Atlanta is upended. Forced to move to Ohio with his uncle, Willie's addiction to prescription pain pills ramps up, adding fuel to the fire of emotions he's desperately trying to suppress.Trying to get to the bottom of what happened with his father, who in the mob of protestors killed him, leads Willie on a trajectory he never imagined in his otherwise privileged life.Exploring themes of race, class, and addiction, The Crown Lord is a fresh take on the American Dream.


—Louis Gossett Jr., Academy Award winner, and author of An Actor and a Gentleman
"The Crown Lord, besides being a boldly written political thriller, is an important reflection on the genesis of racial animus in America. William Sirls has created a new optic on prejudice and bigotry and their relationship to power, economics, and human ego. Everyone who has unanswered questions and unaddressed concerns about racial equity must read this thrilling novel."
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