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Before Alexander


Leo Sparx

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


For readers who enjoy a dark and mysterious plot with their sexy books, comes the prequel story to this kinky m/m ( m/m/m) series inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe story, “The Fall of the House of Usher.” This prequel story answers the questions posed by the House of Otter series but can be read before or after the complete trilogy. On the shore of a small beach town, decades before the mysterious House of Otter spoke to Alexander, it called to a different furry young gay man. This starry-eyed, down-on-his-luck queer hustler is confronted by a powerful millionaire in the sand who leads him from the ocean to a new way of life. Leaving a trail of money, extravagance, jockstraps, and large toys in their path across continents, the Daddy and boy pair awaken sexual magic which has been lying dormant in an abandoned mansion. When they reach their luxurious destination they are met with more furry otters and colorful sexy jockstraps. Danger looms around the collection of gay men as the beach bum with a fetish for exhibitionism, unexpectedly finds himself participating in an ancient sexual ritual. Will the cycle be completed in time? How will these events, which occurred long before Alexander joined the House of Otter, impact the future for this young man and those who come after him? In whichever order you decide to read them, the House of Otter series is not complete without the questions only this prequel story can answer. It’s Edgar Allan Poe but with a queer, kinky, and paranormal twist! **This MM BDSM Dark Erotic Romance takes consent seriously. No otter boys were harmed (unless they wanted to be) in the writing of this book.***

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