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Through the Black Mirror

The Last Witch Hunter

Blaise Ramsay

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"And it shall come, thy final day, when the last of the Witch Hunters cuts thy head from thy shoulders. The reign of the witch shall end when the Bishop’s cross runs red with blood…” All Zayne Bishop wanted was to collect the money for the head of the latest witch he killed. Last in the Bishop line of Witch Hunters, Zayne was all that stood between the innocent and the creatures of nightmare. He could not have known the drunken man running into the bar screaming about his abducted daughter would be the tool of his downfall. Finding himself the unfortunate victim of an ambush, Zayne faces the Grand Dark Witch. Prompted by an ancient prophecy, Carmellia hurls the Witch Hunter through the Black Mirror into the streets of San Francisco. Nursed back to health by the handsome dhamphyre, Logan Myre, Zayne must fight for his life against a horde of witches and demons controlled by the very witch who threw him, half-dead, into another world. As the search to return Zayne grows more dire, the new allies find there may be no easy way to get the Witch Hunter home. Unfortunately, being thrown through the mirror doesn’t offer Zayne safety from Carmellia’s influence as the witches are able to communicate across worlds through the mysterious Black Mirrors. And one of them in this new world is just as dangerous.

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Witch, magic, vampire, lgbt, mm, male romance, romance, paranormal, paranormal romance, gay love, gay romance, vampire romance, witch romance, sorcerers, fantasy, fantasy romance, thriller, hunter, suspense