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The Beast Within Me

Beau Lake

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The pack’s roots are buried beneath the dunes... Ama Chilton is the matriarch of the Wharton wolves: unfathomably old and impossibly strong. But, she wasn’t always Angus’ packrat granny with a penchant for muumuus. After the bloody end of both World War II and her relationship, Ama Chilton abandons the Big Apple in search of what she’s never had: a wolfpack, a family. Wharton—and the Cove Motel—was just supposed to be a rest stop on her journey south. That is, until she meets Rafe, a handsome Alpha. Rafe has just returned from the Pacific Theater, and is haunted by what he’s seen—what he’s done. He’s surly and rakish, but he offers her a job, and a pack to run with after dark. As their bickering relationship blossoms into a passionate love affair, Ama thinks she may have finally found a place to call home. But, Wharton isn’t just the quintessential vacation town. A series of grisly murders rocks the small community, threatening to expose the whole pack. Everyone is a suspect. And, unfortunately for Ama, her past has no intention of staying buried, either.

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