The Fairy-Faith of the Celtic Countries with Illustrations

W.Y. Evans Wentz

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


A Collection of Fairy Testimonials, Studies, Mythology, and Science: Fairies and the mysterious world of the fae have been tied into mythology, legend, superstition, fiction, and even our history. They capture the mischief and wonder of the world we live in, especially life in the forest or the garden. This book is a cornerstone in discovering testimonials, beliefs, roots, and even the science of fairies. Originally published in 1911, there are legends and stories within this tome you can’t find anywhere else. This illustrated version showcases artwork from Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble, John D. Batten, and William H. Robinson. This book focuses on the Fairy-Faith phenomenon unfolding in the ‘Celtic Countries’ such as Ireland, Scotland, Britanny, Isle of Man, Cornwall, and Wales. Stories inside are about a large assortment of fairies, witches, and magicians. Discover tales about changelings, pixies, fairy dogs, sidhe, Corrigans, Danaan race, and many tales who have songs sung in connection to misadventures such as Crodh Chaliean. Magic users like witch-doctors to Merlin are mentioned often as well as the practice of exorcisms by Priests.

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fairy, fairy tale, celtic, faith, religion, mythology, fae, faerie, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, merrow, pixie, pookie, history, eyewitness, documentary, supernatural, changeling, banshee