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Shattered Start: The Story of Sera

C.R. Rice

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


She is held together with carefully stitched threads of deception tied off with lies.
Seraphina has always possessed unexplainable powers. Some know her as "Sera" while others call her "The Shadow." Once, she was just a shy, scared little girl who felt the Realm’s pain as though it were her own. But when the kings of the Realm witness her unique skills in action, they bring her into their plan to protect the land. Problem: Seraphina is not always in control of her amazing abilities.
The Royal's strategy goes wrong on Seraphina’s sixteenth birthday when her powers turn to chaos, and her best friend Evie is caught in the crossfire, sending Sera into a world of spiraling grief. A mysterious force appears and offers her the chance to make things right again. As Sera attempts to resurrect her friend, the future of the Realm is changed forever.
In this thrilling prequel to The Realm Series, a dark but important question is answered: How exactly did Averie escape the fall of the Realms?

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Young Adult, metaphysical, magical realism, teen, fantasy, urban, thriller, suspense, mystery, romance, magic, multiverse, multidimensional, mirror, doppelganger, social issues, coming to age, science fiction, fiction