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The Turkish Connection

D. A. Spruzen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


"I don’t think anyone can forget their own war—the loss, the pain—however hard they try."
Lin Thoren, a minor Norse goddess, is both beautiful and terrifying. While her powers have diminished over time, she can still move faster than light, shapeshift for short periods of time, and throw a grown man across the room. All of these skills make her a particularly adept Private Investigator.
Mary Lambert has just earned her Master’s degree in creative writing and aspires to be an author. Lin hires her to be a live-in ghostwriter and record her memoirs, which cover many eras, cultures, historical events, and criminal cases. As Lin recounts a tale about trafficked women hidden in a D.C. suburb, Mary begins to realize just how powerful her host is. Soon, Mary finds herself becoming an integral member of the Thoren household—in more ways than one.

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Norse mythology, life story, murder, crime scene, historical events, memories, Norse myth & legend, crime & mystery, mystery, Crime & detective, mythology, fantasy, ghost writer, police procedurals, memoir, historical fantasy, urban fantasy, alternate history, Norse gods