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Immigration, Deportation, and Salvation

William Mitchell Elrod

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


How far would an alien immigrant have to travel to get to America? How much did they have to endure to arrive in America? What would it cost a young immigrant girl? Or even a young boy? Once arriving in America, what would happen to them? Worst of all, how would America treat them? Don't answer these questions too fast. Give it some serious thought. God himself knows what it's like to leave his country and journey to a far country""living wherever he could find a place to sleep, not sure where his next meal is, living as an alien pointing others to a far better place to live, never seeing home for decades. Mitch gives true accounts of lives rounded up and treated as terrible criminals, only to find a God who gives salvation to all. Salvation is the theme of the Bible and the theme of this book: the relentless dream of a better place, a place of no more pain and suffering. Salvation was in the walls, halls, and pods of an ICE immigration detention center. As senior chaplain, Mitch and his many volunteers saw miracles and witnessed transformation within the immigration detention center. If you need a reminder of his love, an assurance of his care, and testimonies of his goodness, then you have in your hands the right book""testimonies from around the world.