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Child Abuse in Jamaica

Kemone S-G Brown

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What so many people around the world easily recognise as child abuse, many Jamaicans continue to refer to as ‘discipline’. TOO NORMAL focuses on the inhumane endangerment of Jamaican children by adults; both parents and guardians. Ten, real life stories recounted by adults, who all had horrifying and traumatic experiences while growing up, at the hands of those meant to watch over and protect them. Mothers, who are usually kind and nurturing, are seen in a surprisingly different light. Children, so afraid that a loved one would kill them if they stayed, unable to leave because they had no other options. Some of their stories also show the sad reality of what happens in a household with a parent feeling alone and burdened in the absence of any support.

It is the reality of a lot of children around the world, and Jamaica is no different. Take the time to delve into the horror stories, too scary to believe but definitely not to be ignored.

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