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Unity and Diversity in Contemporary Antisemitism

The Bristol–Sheffield Hallam Colloquium on Contemporary Antisemitism

Jonathan G. Campbell (Hrsg.), Lesley D. Klaff (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This book springs from the Bristol–Sheffield Hallam Colloquium on Contemporary Antisemitism at the University of Bristol in September 2015. International experts in Religious Studies, Law, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, and History came together to examine the complexities of contemporary antisemitism. Recent attacks on Jews in European cities have increased awareness of antisemitism and, as this collection shows, such attacks cannot be separated from wider geopolitical and ideological factors. One distinct feature of antisemitism today is its demonization of the State of Israel. Older ideas also feature Jews being blamed for all the world’s ills, thought to possess almost supernatural levels of power and wealth, and conspiring to harm the non-Jewish other. These and other ideas forming the background to antisemitism in Europe and North America are unpacked in this book with a view to understanding—and thereby combating—contemporary antisemitism. A key concern is how unifying features might be isolated amid the diverse manifestations of this oldest of hatreds.

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holocaust, European Jews, anti-Zionism, Zionism, conflict, persecution, 21st century history, anti-Semitism, Jewish Studies, contemporary antisemitism, antisemitism, State of Israel, religious intolerance, American Jews