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The Essential Steps to Optimize and Grow Your Optometry Practice

Dr. Lamont Bunyon

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Do you need help to make your optometry business the practice you’ve dreamed of? If so, FourSight: The Essential Steps to Optimize and Grow Your Optometry Practice, is for you!

Award-winning optometrist Dr. Lamont Bunyon uses four common vision disorders to teach you how to visualize the practice you want and bring all the pieces together for a successful optometry practice. Expert advice is given on important factors from finding mentors to choosing appropriate office staff to selecting the ideal community for your practice. You will also find information proven to help you maintain the right mindset and let go of the elements that hold you back from becoming who you want to be as an optometrist.

This book teaches you how to develop a marketing plan and become aware of pertinent numbers so you are financially secure. You will be instructed how to build with the end in mind, expecting the best and preparing for the worst.

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