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As I See It

Tom Schell

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As I See It is a journey of mind, body, and spirit by veterinarian, Tom Schell, DVM. Over the course of his career, adulthood, and parenthood, Dr. Schell began to question the many things in his life. What is the purpose? What are we supposed to be doing? What is the true path to health for my patients and for myself? What is death and what does it mean? Does being a Christian imply that we just go to church, or is there something more? Are we missing the point taught to us by Jesus, caught up in the perception of the person, and missing the overall message? Does spirituality go beyond what we have been taught in the Bible? Can we create change for ourselves and for others around us? In these pages, Dr. Schell relays his thoughts on a variety of topics as he pondered his own life, interacted with people, and watched over countless patients. The simple power of observation can sometimes lead us to many answers in our lives.