My Regenerative Kitchen

Plant-Based Recipes and Sustainable Practices to Nourish Ourselves and the Planet

Camilla Marcus

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Over 100 delicious, healthy recipes using regeneratively grown ingredients and sustainable techniques from the chef and founder of west~bourne

When we honor the Earth, we nurture our own health—the true meaning of regeneration. By finding harmony between our soil and soul, we can make small yet impactful shifts in our cooking and lifestyle to support a healthier planet and the next generation.

With a focus on upcycling food scraps and mindful ingredient sourcing, My Regenerative Kitchen brings home the importance of regenerative agriculture, climate consciousness, and reducing food waste in our daily lives. Through exquisitely simple recipes and thoughtful techniques, Camilla Marcus—chef, restaurateur, and founder of sustainable products brand west~bourne—encourages readers to embrace a whole-farm mentality, use every part of the vegetable, and adopt a zero-waste approach in the kitchen.

Every recipe is loaded with professional tips gleaned from Camilla’s storied restaurant career, as well as inspiration for how to integrate laid back, naturally inclined West Coast–inspired living and the art of beautiful, undone hospitality into any home. The stunning photography, shot on film by Ben Rosser, celebrates the soul and spirit of California living.

From homemade stock and pickles to plant-based mains and craveable desserts, My Regenerative Kitchen includes innovative, chef-inspired recipes such as:

  • Pantry Staples: Fermented Hot Sauce, Pistachio Dukkah
  • Drinks: Fruit Preserve Apéro, Avocado Oil–Washed Martini
  • Starters: Leftovers Pancake, Mushroom Larb Lettuce Cups
  • Small Plates: Melon as Itself, Big Salad Energy
  • Mains and Family Style: Whole Roasted Romanesco with Walnut Bagna Cauda, Al Pastor Squash Tacos
  • Desserts: Seasonal Fruit Galette, Yuzu (or Any Citrus) Posset


Food is more than just sustenance—it’s a form of activism. This book will guide you to take risks, create with intention, and regenerate our Earth through how you live, cook, eat, and gather every day.

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