Self-Counseling with STACT (Scripture Therapy and Choice Theory)

Getting What God Wants You to Have!

Les Triché

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Faith leaders and organizational leaders alike need real, usable strategies for counseling themselves and those they lead. STACT provides these strategies by using ¬ The Human Operating Systems for Getting What God Wants You to Have. Everyone who approaches their leaders for help or counseling do so because their needs are not being met in their own life. ¬ These unmet needs lead to every problem facing people today. STACT addresses these needs in a compassionate, efficient manner, and empowers people to make the choices that create healthy meaningful lives. The principles are ones that everyone can learn without requiring years of intense counseling or intervention. Using STACT frees leaders to delegate counseling when it is not within their own giftings or desires while helping to meet the needs of their congregations or organizations.

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