The Golden Candlestick

The Seven Spirits of God

L.A. Daley

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The Golden Candlestick is an essential resource for Christians seeking to empower themselves about the godhead and the rapture. It is ideal for leaders and pews. Is the rapture real or fictional? When will it occur? What biblical sign indicates the imminence of the rapture? Will the Church experience the Great Tribulation? Will the Abomination of Desolation become the High Priest in the Tabernacle in Jerusalem? The Lord has seven Spirits yet he is one God. What are these spirits and why are they important? The Golden Candlestick is the consummate follow-up book to the popular Living Soul: In the Image of God. It’s an essential spiritual resource for establishing the monotheism of the Lord God. If you crave biblical answers to these and many other questions read The Golden Candlestick. The Golden Candlestick reveals the most prevailing misconceptions about the Lord God. Whether He operates as the Father in Creation, or as the Son in Redemption, or as the Holy Ghost in the Church, He achieves everything via his seven Spirits. This book is ground breaking! We never believe things we don’t comprehend. The Golden Candlestick makes all this relatable. As you read it, your knowledge of the Lord God will deepen and your faith in Him will grow.

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