Dear God, It's Me, Eunice

Eunice Juniel

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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


From dreams to visions to life experiences, these letters to God represent the struggles and victories that come with the gift of living a life. The reader is invited to come along and sample some experiences of the journey. No matter whether it is crawling through the underbrush of struggle or climbing the mountain of hope, chances are you have been there too!Enjoy these excerpts from the letters:"e;I accept totally that I am the beloved daughter of a loving Father, and I will never be less than that."e;"e;Never did I view my crawls as a gift. Now through the unsullied lens of time, I can clearly see that it was my crawls that produced my strength and gave me the power to climb."e;"e;It is my desire to put the ax of truth to the root of any false beliefs that hinder the expression of my highest good."e;"e;I am deserving of unconditional love for myself from myself."e;"e;I give myself permission to believe that I can never fall out of favor with You."e;