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You Son of a Preacher

Dirt and Grime from the Church to the Parsonage

Frank Gray

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


You ought to know better, "you son of a preacher" ! Have you heard? Preachers' kids are the worst. Discover the truth from an expert who had a front-row seat. Frank Gray is a preacher's kid who takes us on his personal journey from the parsonage to the church revealing the most undesirable aspects of both. He paints a picture of the hypocrisy in the church that sends thousands to hell. From Sunday school teachers to choir members to church leaders to deacons, you'll find very few church members are real Christians. His journey begins when he discovers who he is. He wasn't just a normal kid; he was a preacher's kid, and nothing would ever be normal for him. It's a journey of failure and disappointments including failed ministries and failed marriages. Follow the twisted paths Frank takes as church members and even preachers are obstacles he must overcome. Feel the conflict of living in bitterness in a place where only love and forgiveness should be, the church. But fortunately, that's not where it ends. After decades, Frank found his way. But how does he return to the original call when the scenarios no longer are conducive to the call? What is his secret? What is it that every preacher's kid, young and old, should know? What should pastors know about their kids? A must read for all preachers and their kids and anyone who attends church regularly. Find the answer to why preachers' kids are the worst and learn how they can overcome the stigma no matter how far away they've drifted. Discover the overcoming power of God's call in the face of an all-out attack from Satan.

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