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The Residual Life

How To Build A Network Marketing Empire

Michelle Schaffer

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Ever wish you could sit down and pick the brain of an expert who’s been in the trenches and built multiple, legitimate and massively-successful Network Marketing businesses? With 1 out of every 4 households involved in Network Marketing ... chances are, you have.

The Residual Life  lets you do just that! You’ll learn things like raising your influence, using social media effectively, disciplining yourself in measuring what really matters, the emotional intelligence you’ll need to build others, lead a team and replace yourself, and the foundational principles required in leaving a legacy of leadership and integrity.

Michelle’s received countless awards as a Network Marketing professional, is a Master Trainer and multiple 7-figure earner! With over 15 years, including working on the Corporate side, along with mentors who’ve led the industry for 30 + years, she’s passionate about teaching people the power of leverage and residual income. 

A few recent recent books share a detailed message on building a Network Marketing business; however, Michelle goes deeper,vulnerably sharing a behind-the-scenes look at, not only the freedom and financial wealth that can be realized, but also the challenges and heartaches.

This book shares why Michelle loves the profession and how you can love it, too; or, fall back in love with it. Join her in its pages, have her speak with your team, and above all else, answer her call to elevate the noble profession of Network Marketing by living in integrity and adding real value to people. The Residual Lifeis your NM guidebook!

Michelle’s exercised the grit it takes to get back up after being knocked down multiple times; and, she’s consistently taken the action steps it requires to master and lead in sales and NM.  She trusts you’ll apply this book and hopes it’s the beginning of a long prosperous journey for you.

“The Residual Life outlines techniques & strategies to fast track your success.” 

Michelle Schaffer's the podcast host of Souled-Out Entrepreneur

She's a sought-after sales trainer in corporate America. Her experience, powerful stories & humor entertain & equip aspiring high earners! You’ll want your team around her energy, gaining her “grit” mentality, learning how to take massive, consistent action and embracing coachability.

You’ll learn things like raising your influence, using social media effectively, disciplining yourself in measuring what really matters and the emotional intelligence you’ll need to build  strong relationships. No B.S. The best part - Michelle’s DONE IT!Let her help fast track your team’s success!

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