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The Quest for Home

Joe Hickey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


As dawn approaches on the hillside, a solitary rider sits and looks down on the Kingdom of Haddon. He ponders whether his travels and endeavors will ever allow him to return. He must leave and must conquer his fears and find what has escaped him for all the years of his life. He cannot rest until he finds the boy. A boy who he has never met or had any knowledge. Why MUST he find him? How can he find him? Where will this journey take him? He will encounter many challenges along the way and meet many interesting characters. He encounters evil, magic, and friendship. He climbs mountains, goes through forests, crosses rivers and bridges, all to find the boy. As he goes, he leaves behind the queen to whom he has pledged his devotion. She has battles of her own to fight and feels abandoned. Her life has been disrupted, her family is in danger, and enemies are at every turn. All these tales are entangled and lead our hero the one thing he desires: to free the boy. Although he does not comprehend why his only understanding is that he must do this. While on this quest, his travels take him from the freedom and safety of the kingdom to the darkest edges of bewitched forest on to find a river of despair and lost souls. He must do battle with sorcerers, creatures, witches, and dragons. All for the boy. Travel along with our hero and all those around him as they fight the battles to reach the goals they are being asked to attain.

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