Shadows and Prisms

A Collection of One Hundred Poems

Percy Rahman

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


We all have a dark side to ourselves and so many of us strive to see the light. In this materialistic world and despite the paradoxes that confront us, we strive to actualize our dreams driven by our ambition and passion. As a fall-out of this we find an ardent need to bring a sense of stability in our lives – be it through religion, meditation, sacrifice, non-attachments, asceticism, renouncements, penance, deprivations or something else.

Shadows are a metaphor for the 'ego' and Prisms for the 'spirit'. On this long and arduous path, there are some that succeed in becoming Prisms – a state of being where the spirit is manifested.

Between the extremes of Shadows and Prisms is the spectrum of life,

The whole of mankind's journey from darkness to light,

From ignorance to enlightenment...

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