Mobility Work in Composition

Horner Bruce Horner

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft


Mobility Work in Composition explores work in composition from the framework of a mobilities paradigm that takes mobility to be the norm rather than the exception to a norm of stasis and stability.                  Both established and up-and-coming scholars bring a diversity of geographic, institutional, and research-based perspectives to the volume, which includes in-depth investigations of specific forms of mobility work in composition, as well as responses to and reflections on those explorations. Eight chapters present specific cases or issues of this work and twelve shorter response chapters follow, identifying key points of intersection and conflict in the arguments and posing new questions and directions to pursue. Addressing matters of knowledge transfer and meaning translation, immigrant literacy practices, design pedagogy, academic career changes, student websites, research methodologies, school literacy programs, and archives, Mobility Work in Composition asks what mobility in composition means and how, why, and for whom it might work. It will be of broad interest to students and scholars in rhetoric and composition. Contributors: Anis Bawarshi, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Patrick Danner, Christiane Donahue, Keri Epps, Eli Goldblatt, Rachel Gramer, Timothy Johnson, Jamila Kareem, Carmen Kynard, Rebecca Lorimer Leonard, Andrea Olinger, John Scenters-Zapico, Khirsten L. Scott, Mary P. Sheridan, Jody Shipka, Ann Shivers-McNair, Scott Wible, Rick Wysocki 

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