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The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting & Finance, Third Edition

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Nurses focus on the art and science of caregiving, but nurse managers are faced with the economic reality of patient-staffing ratios, budgets, reports, and accounting. Acronyms such as FTEs and ADCs can feel like a foreign language, but thankfully, help is available. Updated to include details about key legislation that affects budgeting, The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting and Finance, 3rd Edition, provides practical tools, tips, and strategies for running a unit that were not taught in nursing school: • Operating and capital budget development and planning for the year • Formulas and calculations for full-time employee hours, variances, and benefit costs • Explanation of financial statements, budgets, and reimbursement documents • The relationship between high reliability organizations (HROs) and finance/budgets • Differences between not-for-profit and for-profit institutions



Financial statements, Health insurance, Healthcare quality, Healthcare reimbursement, Nurse managers, The Affordable Care Act, Accountable care organizations, Budgets and reports