Mundru Mugangal

S.G.S. Manian

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Kumarasamy used to be a credited businessman. He would often move to different cities across India and would assume different identities accordingly. This constant yet varied way of living put pressure on his family life, causing quarrels and feuds to become just part of the daily routine.

The incessant reprimanding he received when he came home drove him to throw out both his wife and daughter from his house, living with only his mentally-challenged son along with his sister and nephew.

Rajshekar, Kumarasamy's brother-in-law, sends a detective to investigate Kumarasamy as he mistreated his sister and niece and also had suspicions that he was involved with illegal activity due to his numerous shifts and unstable relationships.

A lady called Saroja informs Rajshekar that his son, Basker, was recently abducted by a man who was known as Dr. Gopal, Saroja's father. This man had been appointed by Kumarasamy to perform an unauthorized brain transplant on him, with Basker, involving both brains being swapped. Kumarasamy had concluded that to think like a younger man, he must exchange minds with one.

Will Kumarasamy perish at the mercy of his ambitious experiment? Or will his destiny have success ti its name?

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