Reluctant Savior

Book I : Re-Entry


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Belletristik / Fantasy


Earth, it seems, is somewhat of a transitional planet. With its generally lower vibrational frequency, it allows for the co-existence of both good and evil. The choices we make with our own free will, predispose us to movement either up or down in frequency, with evil occupying a very low range, while love weighs in at the top of the scale. Parallel universes, such as those we characterize as "e;heaven"e; or "e;hell"e; are likely to exist at either end of the frequency continuum. Thus, someone who chooses a life of kindness, charity, love, generosity and gratitude, moves up to a higher frequency consistent with that of the state we commonly refer to as "e;heaven"e;. Our compatibility with such high frequencies begins with the vibrational level which we establish here on Earth-thus, as Jesus proclaimed, the "e;kingdom of heaven"e; is indeed initiated within our earthly bodies. The incredible attraction of a universe whose ultrahigh frequency precludes all evil and negativity, plus time and space as we know it, makes such a state so desirable that few "e;heavenly"e; denizens would ever desire to return to Earth. Those who do, however, share one common motivation-an overwhelming love for kindred spirits whose divine spark is shrouded by their own ill-informed thoughts and actions. Peter "e;Deuce"e; Olsen, is one such being, perhaps the most recent in a relatively short list of avatars. Reluctantly agreeing to temporarily abandon his blissful state, at God's request, Deuce (with a few personal incentives!) agrees to return to Earth on a very challenging assignment. The Reluctant Savior trilogy chronicles his re-entry, including a most unusual arrival, and a host of unexpected adventures which serve to further complicate his mission. One thing is certain, however-the planet he leaves behind will never be the same again. This vastly entertaining, enlightening, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek saga is one that you won't want to miss!