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Athlete Unleashed

A Holistic Approach to Unleashing Your Best Inner Athlete

Aaron Robinet

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Back Cover We all have two roads upon which we can choose. The first road is to allow our limiting beliefs such as fear, anger, and doubt to shackle us and hinder our ability to achieve our true desires in life. Athlete Unleashed helps you navigate the second road, which allows you to break free from those shackles, find your passion, and gives you the steps to unleash your best inner athlete! Back when I was a high school baseball player, guidance and strength training for high school sports was not too advanced. The unfortunate truth is that for current athletes, the training practices have not advanced much. Current training practices are little better than general run-of-the-mill fitness for most of our athletes, and they deserve better. They deserve a program that allows them the chance to compete at the highest level they desire, while achieving peak health and fitness. Whether you are attempting to make the team, or you are ready to achieve your next level of athletics, this is the book for you. Athlete Unleashed helps guide you to find your passion while guiding you in addressing the key components to become more successful. These components include developing the proper mindset, balancing your work effort with the appropriate recovery, specific nourishment for your needs, the right movement for your success, the steps for injury prevention, recovery from injury, and the planning for your season—as well as your future!