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Fear Less, Love More

What to Do When the Unexpected Happens, 5 Daily Choices

Dr. Kathryn Haber

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In Fear Less, Love More, clinical psychologist and executive coach Dr. Kathryn Haber shares her dramatic experiences of losing her mother, father, brother, and sister to cancer, and her own cancer battle with three babies under three years of age at home. To help make it through these losses and other life challenges, Kathryn explored spirituality, researched the greatest minds, and concluded that there are Five Choices that can help us live a peaceful and fulfilled life. She illuminates these choices through personal and professional vignettes, some funny, some painful - and all inspirational.

    Her story addresses what it means to be human, and how we often operate from a position of fear in this unpredictable and difficult world we live in-whether we are dealing with day-to-day challenges or larger natural disasters, pandemics, or global concerns. We find ourselves in "protect" mode, falling prey to our egocentric behaviors rather than thinking beyond ourselves, considering the whole environment, our community, and what's in the best interest of others. When we behave in eco-centric ways, we are our best selves, connecting with others for the greater good. Helping others gives us a sense of purpose, which goes beyond the fleeting emotions of feeling happy, creating an internal peace that is sustainable over time.



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