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The Quintessents

Clem Fiorentino

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur



Get ready for the ride of your life! And all of your other lives – Past, Parallel, and Future.

This story defies description. Fast-paced, tightly written, genre-jumping, gender-bending, lexicon-enhancing and rife with puns, prayers, poetry, vulgarity, ethereal somersaults, a relentless demon, and large dollops of romantic and Spiritual questing, this offbeat smorgasbord of character-driven angst and quirky subplots boondoggles into an over-the-top climax and a hopelessly romantic epilogue.

Brought to you by author Clem Fiorentino, a career journalist and lifetime Seeker, this raucous tweak-fest is aimed – lovingly – at today’s “New” New Agers. This uproarious saga has “someone for everyone,” including five of the most formidable female protagonists in all of American Literature, and one of the most outrageous casts of characters ever assembled.

And that’s your algorithm for a hilarious – yet poignant – rocket ride to the outer reaches of the “Soular” System. So, kick back and quest with the characters as they test their belief systems, purge their demons, and achieve Soular Solidarity.

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