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Spirit Fire

Neandertals Book Two

Glen R Stott

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


It is 3289 BCE when rumors of unusual people living in caves far from his land attract the attention of warrior leader Warlog. His shaman, Rayloc, fears the strangers are servants of evil determined to destroy his way of life.


Meanwhile, Sotif, History Man of the Alliance between Earth People and Sun People, tries to guard his culture against changes that could induce Mother Earth to withdraw her blessings—while Warlog focuses on severing that alliance, which has lasted for hundreds of generations, by subjugating the Sun  People and destroying the Earth People. Faced with this threat, Sotif races to find the Sprit Fire to help his people defeat Warlog. But the key to success lies in the hands of Tincolad, one of Warlog’s warriors who has been captured by the Alliance.


Now only time will tell if Sotif can persuade Tincolad to help find the Spirit Fire in time—as the fate of the Earth People hangs in the balance.


The second book in a trilogy about the interaction between Neandertals and Cro-Magnons, Sprit Fire presents an epic adventure that sweeps across prehistoric Europe, Asia, and Alaska, as the man who invented war embarks on a quest to conquer the world.

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Spirit Fire Neandertals Book Two