Ashes to Embers

Pooja Pathak

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Ashes to Embers is the journey of a heart and soul towards realizing its true worth and embracing itself in times of need. It is cleaved into four sections, each reflecting a different feeling. Entwining words around self-reflection, feeling the hidden strength in pain, letting go of the hurt and allowing one to hope for a better tomorrow, Ashes To Embers, as the name suggests, is an epiphany which expresses the hope to rise again from the ashes of pain and despair, to have belief in oneself and to look for love within oneself. It symbolizes the strength in hope and how it can set aside the shadows of doubts. Interlacing the words around love, hurt, healing, and hope, this book explores the raw human emotions.

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