Dear Manusha

Yours Truly, Now and Forever

Anupama Ravindran Menon

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"I had spoken from the depths of my heart; I had spoken what love had taught me. These were words that echoed within every corner of my soul, rightfully belonging to my one favourite person—Manusha. As I moved across the wave of newly made fans at the book launch, I could only smile with a streaming film of teardrops. I imagined him standing by the door, looking back at me and breaking into a double dimpled smile like he always did. Before I could immerse myself in his memory, the imaginary image faded away as reality sunk in.

The world continues to revolve on its axis, yet his and mine are completely different and separated. I know we had set forth in perpendicular paths, with chances of crossing destinies shimmering like the dying sparks of a final flame. Now, only hope remains, hoping that the universe will conspire for us to meet once again. Just so I can scream that no matter how far life had destined my journey, my heart and soul will only belong to him, my one true home, then, now and forever."

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