A Guide To Access God's Authority

Access Your Authority

Arvind Ephraim

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Seeing my mother suffering from various health issues as a child led me to this journey to find a true living God, which ended with the encounter with Him and getting enlightened by His love. I have seen the same with many people around who don't know how to deal with sickness and traumas in their personal lives and the lives of their loved ones.

But the good news is there is an answer and remedy for it in Jesus. The Bible is not a religious book it's the Word from God, which teaches how to deal with sickness, evil spirits, and life situations. You don't have to live in defeat when you have God's given authority. Let this book help understand what your authority is and how much God thinks about you and wants to see you as a conqueror.

This book also teaches you how to pray and use the Word of God as your authority and also the benefits of the application of Blood of Jesus along with your faith.

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