The Visage: Unmasked

Six strangers, Six battles and Six different victories

Yashi Shukla

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


Under the umbrella of FYCGlobal Career Guidance Company, Student Mentors Yashi Shukla and Anjana Anand brought seven students together through a contest and worked with them over weekly sessions to come up with "The Visage: Unmasked".

"The Visage: Unmasked" is a book co-authored by six teenagers. It is based on the 'Seven Stages of Grief' with each author going through one particular stage, and all trying to reach the final stage- acceptance. Because the journey is always more beautiful than the destination, this book is about the girls' journeys towards acceptance. It talks about the everyday struggles of being a teenager, and various other issues that are a part of every teenager's life. What started as a hobby for the six girls has now found its way inside the pages of a book, a book that holds a piece of their souls and is a product of everything they've been through.

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