Paltan Tales & Random Jottings

Col. K K Sharma

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Soldiering is a tough job, and guarding the frontiers of the nation is a responsibility shouldered by the soldiers with their lives at stake, leaving behind their kith and kin. While there are few whose valour and bravery are recorded and recognized, there are many others who remain unsung. They live an isolated, rugged and dangerous life, threatened not only by the enemy but also nature, where they serve.

'Paltan Tales' is a collection of sixteen short stories related to the rigours and tribulations experienced by soldiers who don the uniform as a profession. 'Random Jottings' are memoirs of the author's participation in two wars and counter insurgency operations. They provide an insight into their world of success, failure, destruction and death, narrating the mental trauma and the physical dangers, which the soldiers face.

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