The Yes Universe - The Wish Fulfillment Trap

Kanika Sud

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When did you last wish upon a shooting star? Or desire something that might be out of the way? The universe will always give you what you manifest in your mind. It's the cosmic kitchen. The rest shall only follow. Are you up for the consequences?

This narrative takes another look at the mad race that mankind takes part in for achieving whatever it wants and gets trapped therein. People get transient happiness and a successful boost of ego from their wishes and the exhaustion that might follow. To the Indian delight, everything we want to know is already in the epics. Here's a quick comment on what the author believes is a wish-fulfillment trap. Mind over matter might be a very exciting game in the beginning, but might cost you if you become a slave to your own mind.

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