Human Trafficking and Encounter with Soul


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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur



She is unique.

She is spiritual.

She is powerful.

To become a detective was her passion.

Honey is working with the most famous and intelligent detective in her city. Through a quirk of fate, she ends up investigating a case of human trafficking. Her interactions with the victims are thrilling and terrifying. Working on this case she comes to know how deep, barbaric and inhumane the web of powerful people is. Will she be able to solve this case? Can her spirituality help her make sense of this dark world?


Rasbeen is intelligent, smart and ambitious. She has dreams to fulfill, but her father has something else in mind for her. His negative pressure and attitude hold power over her life.

Will she be able to survive?

One day, she has an encounter with her soul.

Can the soul lift her from her deathbed and make her a confident girl?

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