Running for a Higher Purpose

8 Steps to Spiritual and Physical Fitness

Thomas John Paprocki

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


What if you could improve your physical health while deepening your spiritual life? In Running for a Higher Purpose, Most Rev. Thomas John Paprocki, Catholic bishop of Springfielda marathon runner and hockey playershares how the simple discipline of running can help you unlock profound spiritual benefits.Paprocki took up running as a teenager for his health; he ran his first marathon in his forties. Along the way he discovered that improving your physical health through running is a way to honor God and grow deeper in your spiritual life.Perfect for those who want to try running for the first time as well as for more experienced runners who want to set goals for a new challenge, Running for a Higher Purpose offers eight steps to reach spiritual and physical fitness.Review Review where you are.Reform Identify how to improve.Resolve Resolve to put change into effect.Repeat Don't quit.Renew Renew your physical and spiritual wellness.Relax Balance physical and spiritual exercise with the need to rest.Reward Feel personal satisfaction and reward by achieving your goals.Rejoice Integrating a sound mind in a sound body leads to eternal happiness.Each chapter includes an inspirational quotation, a personal promise statement, and a prayer.

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