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That's My Nanny Tee

A children's book to ease the transition from parent to caregiver

Tyra Simpkins

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Ratgeber / Familie


To my moms and dads:

Placing your precious little ones in the care of someone other than the family may be overwhelming: for you and them. That's My Nanny Tee will help ease this transition as you leave your little ones in the very capable hands and loving hands of Nanny Tee. Simply insert pictures of your family and watch your child's cognitive and problem-solving skills develop as they compare familiar faces to a new ones.

Thank you for placing your trust in me.

To my precious little ones:

It's not easy to say how you feel when you don't know the words. You may be feeling nervous, confused, excited, or even a little sad. When you share your time with Nanny Tee you will see much fun there!

Thank you for letting me be your friend.