Reborn to be a Self-indulgent Ruler

Xue Er

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Long Xiaoyuan had a natural heart disease, so he could only spend the rest of his life in bed. At the end of his life, he saw a book that told a story of a fainting emperor.This fainting emperor killed pure people, and favored treacherous people. He was very fond of his queen, and surprisingly, the queen was actually a man.Long Xiaoyuan died of the heart attack, surprisingly crossed the world of the book he had read before his death, and lived a happy life with his beloved queen.About the AuthorXue Er, a well-known author of online novels. She has authored many works. Among them, the representative works is "e;Rebirth to be a Self-indulgent Ruler"e;. She has rich writing experience and acumuliates a lot of fans.

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