Our Song

A Memoir of Love and Race

Lynda Smith Hoggan

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


The year was 1972. The place was rural Pennsylvania. Civil rights, the Vietnam War, and counterculture youth who were defying their traditional parents had the nation in social upheaval. Lynda was white, an anxious but earnest free spirit studying poetry, peyote, and peaceful protest at her small university. TJ was black, a talented athlete recruited from the inner city to win basketball games for Lynda’s hometown college. Their chemistry was irresistible, but their schools were hours apart—so, in the days before email, cell phones, and video chat apps to connect them, they reached out to each other in the only way possible: letters. Songs and prose penned late into the night revealed a longing that neither had felt before. TJ used music to show Lynda his sensitive side and deep desire for true love. Lynda strove to leave her conservative upbringing behind, to see truths beyond skin color and the pressure—for women, especially—to conform. But their connection, though deep, was also fragile. Racist parents, a jealous friend, and a prior lover who came back to claim Lynda ultimately unraveled the delicate fabric woven by their words.

Now, four decades later, Lynda and TJ may have another chance. Can they take it?



Girl code, Heartbreak, Prejudice and racism, 1960s counterculture, Coming of age memoir, Sex drugs and rock-n-roll, Interracial relationship, Hippies, Political activism, Redemption, Small town America, Civil rights, First love story, Generation gap, Love triangle, College students, Betrayal, Feminism, Tragedy, Infidelity, Social upheaval