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Divine Dirt

Inspirations, Spiritual Teachings, & Gardening Tips!

Michael LeBlanc

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Do you ever need help remembering your True Divine Nature? Your worth and value? How to be the Divine Masterful Manifester of your life that you already are?

I know that I need daily reminders. Maybe you do too?

Remembering who you really are can actually happen pretty quick. You found your keys, didn’t you? You started to freak out, but then you paused, went within for a moment, and then had that 'ah ha' moment and remembered. This is what Divine Dirt is for. It is to help you:

• Pause for a moment, take a breath, get centered, have an 'ah ha' moment, and feel inspired again.

• Remember your immense worth, value, Divine nature and your continuous connectedness to the Divine.

• Remember tips and nuances about how to be the Divine Masterful Manifester of your life that you already are.

• Learn a few gardening tips too!

Words and images have an incredible power to heal, inspire, uplift, and remind us of things we need to hear which can help us have a better moment, a better life.

Divine Dirt is filled with both. It is a collection of inspirations, metaphysical-spiritual stories and teachings I wrote over time combined with photographs of flowers that I took from my garden. And if you love the flowers, I share a few gardening tips too!

To make it easy, Divine Dirt isn’t meant to be read from start to finish. (Although you can, of course!)

The main idea is for you to simply take a breath, sense where to open the book, open it, read a story or message or two, take in the beauty of the image, return to your day, come back to Divine Dirt at another time, and repeat the process.

“Just the words I needed at the right time. I had a situation that made me doubt myself, but after reading this I'm doing better.” Liz

“Las publicaciones me motivan a hacer cambios en mi vida, a analizar lo que quiero hacer... gracias por compartir que Dios te bendiga.”

“The publications motivate me to make changes in my life, to analyze what I want to do…thank you for sharing God bless you.” Jovita

“WOW....this is exactly what I am presently facing...I needed this in my life today! Thanks!” Christy

“Just reading your words calms me!!!” Wayne

Ready? Take a deep breath as if all is well, sense where to open the book, dig in (pun intended), and begin.

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