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Don't Be Dumb

A Leadership Playbook to Help You Be Smarter, Overcome Obstacles, and Rise Rapidly in Challenging Times

Robert M. Towle

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Robert's surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2018 led him to want to share his eclectic work experiences and turn his adventures and observations into something that could provide not only the observations, but a unique leadership "playbook" or "roadmap" for people facing similar situations in business. The book focuses on five sections: Leading, Not Managing, Human Resources Tips (that HR may not approve of), Improving the "Work" in the "Work" place, bringing on the "dynamite" to remove work obstacles and rising more rapidly in your organization. Each section concludes with a series of actions you can take to build your own playbook in business in challenging times.

This true to life account will teach practical leadership lessons through observations and unorthodox stories and tips that include:

How a deadly brain tumor resulted in "superpowers".

How Robert managed his first "official" project because his boss was arrested and pulled off an airplane by the police.

Developing a checklist to remove tasks that are deemed S.T.U.P.I.D in the workplace.

How Robert recovered from "the worst conference call in history".

And a very curious goat named Ricky.

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