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No Matter What

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child?

Monika Polefka-Proulx

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No Matter What- is the true story of a young girl, Samantha, whose cognitive learning disability led to years of preconceived judgements and bullying.

Growing up in a small town can be idyllic, or it can be a secret breeding ground for drugs, alcohol, and violence.

After years of trauma, Samantha is overcome with depression, despair and suicidal ideation. Searching for acceptance, she runs away from home with a group of teens involved in criminal activities.

Unable to find help from traditional sources and desperate to bring Samantha home, Monika takes matters into her own hands.

Suppose you have or know someone who has faced the daunting task of helping a child overcome peer pressure, manage mental illness, or break free from bad influences. In that case, this book will help you feel less alone.

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