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A Survival Guide For College and University Professors

Jay Hettiarachchy

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


This work is a collection of memoires organized by the author through his life-long professional career dedicated to teaching and learning in the academe. The author is truly indebted to the many thousands of students with whom he interacted as their teacher and learned valuable lessons from them. Writing of this book is truly his tribute to them and is done in the sincere hope that the information and experiences shared in this book may help the future generations of educators desirous of joining the academe as college or university professors and/or education administrators.

Dr. Jay Hettiarachchy retired as Professor Emeritus from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan in 2011.He served in 7 different Universities as an academic professional for 44 years and had held 3 tenured positions as a university professor. He also had three sabbatical positions in University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, Arkansas State University in Mountain Home Arkansas, and University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His last publication is entitled Insights on Retirement: The Wonder Years of Life, 2014, Lulu Publishing services. He lives with his wife in Fayetteville, Arkansas devoting his time to writing that he immensely enjoys. 

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A Survival Guide For College and University Professors, Jay Hettiarachchy, Valuable lessons