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Silent Echoes

Reverend Carl Yount

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The author takes readers on a journey and descent into a darker tale in epic poems

Reverend Carl Yount started upon a life on the road when working the carnival circuit starting at age fifteen. He traveled with a small outfit around western New York in the summer seasons, then taking off to other parts of the country working various unskilled and skilled jobs ranging from dishwashing to construction. He spent much time with poets and artists in New York City/New Jersey, wandering from coffee shop to coffee shop having philosophical discussions. His poetic influences range from romanticism (William Blake, John Keats, PB Shelley) to surrealism (Arthur Rimbaud), to idealistic philosophy (Immanuel Kant), to Aristotle and of course Frederick Niche. This period of over ten years was filled with poetry, art, philosophy, and spirituality. Traveling cross-country on diverging roads between New York and LA by car, train, and bus, he gained a wealth of life experiences.

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Spiritual Poetry, Poems, Carl Yount, Silent Echoes